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Trying some CSS   Leave a comment

trying to add some CSS to a post

div {
background-color: #FF00FF
<pre>p {
   font-size: 25px
   <span class="highATT">border:</span><span class="highVAL"> 2px solid;</span>
   <span class="highATT">border-radius:</span><span class="highVAL"> 25px;</span>
   <span class="highATT">box-shadow:</span><span class="highVAL"> 10px 10px 5px #888888;</span>

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Gettin’ serious (finally)   Leave a comment

Okay, so its time to stop TOYING with the idea of becoming a web-technology-specialist, and just dive in and beCOME one.  The other avenues of technology have dried up or have lost their luster to me, so its time to focus on this.  I’ll still be doing hardware and embedded programming, but more for occasional projects and personal art (hello, Burning Man!) instead of as an employee or contractor.

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